Mom, Meet the Oregon Coast



Mom came out to visit me in Portland. After the Gorge, the most important place I could think to show her was the coast. So we took off on the 101, starting at Cannon Beach and reaching south just into California to see the redwoods. We were given typical Oregon coastal weather—sun, clouds, rain, and fog— and mild temps that quickly turn cold at sunset. 






We made it no further than Lincoln City on our first day. Next morning, we awoke to drizzling cloud cover. Really, it was beautiful. Just not classically so. After filling a few cups from the hotel with fresh blackberries we picked along the roadside, we wandered down to a dry inlet. There we stalked a Great Blue Heron, and hunted for beauty in small things—like flowers and driftwood.





I admire those who do what I can't. Surfers are high in that category. They just carry a sense of mystique about them. Maybe I'm just too influenced by Swayze's portrayal of Bodhi in Point Break.





We arrived at Bandon Beach in time for sunset. A beautiful, orange glowing sunset. Mom liked it enough that she said when she's out here next year, we should just come to Bandon and spend a weekend here.





The next morning, our last day, we took a pretty quick drive through the redwoods along Howland Hill Road. Unfortunately, it wasn't reminiscent of my visit earlier in January. It was dry, and heavily trafficked. Dust settled on all the foliage for a bit on either side of the road, making everything take on a dull, gray, lifeless hue. It was unfortunate, but not impossible to solve. We just parked the car and took a little walk deeper into the woods. Then we headed home.