The Enchantments are a highly visited area in central Washington, famous for dramatic peaks, aqua-marine lakes, golden larch trees, and exemplary beauty everywhere. This was my first visit. I arrived at my campsite on the edge of Stuart Lake in the dark during a rainstorm. Things would get better (and drier) by sunrise. A snowstorm the next night would transform the landscape.



A little west of Stuart Lake lies the far less visited Horseshoe Lake. It's a strenuous climb up, but it's worth every step. Especially when you find that you have the entire lake to yourself.



Everything in life can be wrong. Everything. But entering a place like this allows you respite; access to a realm where the rest of life, the rest of you, can be set aside for a moment in time. And with no particular effort to even do so.


Colchuck Lake

Halfway into my hike back from Stuart Lake I hit a junction that would take me to Colchuck Lake. I knew I wanted to visit, so I climbed the 1500 feet to arrive at the Lake. It was unlike any lake I had ever seen, and the snowfall the night before was the perfect accent to the incredible color of the lake.