Verizon Holiday


studio designer



The 2016 holiday campaign for Verizon needed to abstractly express joy and happiness over all communications. For the motion graphics below, I art directed and McKay Marshall executed.


Unwrap a better network this holiday season.


Verizon Case Study


Studio designer



As a strategy to pitch new business and reflect on what we've created, we designed a book compiling the best work our team had made over the previous year and a half for the new Verizon identity


Verizon Emergency
Response Team


Studio designer



We studied the practices of global and domestic emergency responders, discovering a design language of high-visibility colors and patterns that clearly conveys their purpose. As a non-traditional emergency responder, we created an incredibly simple visual language that bridges Verizon to that world. 


Brand Refresh

ankrom moisan architects

lead designer



I was hired at Ankrom to lead the firm into new visual territory. Beginning with a revised color palette that distinguished and humanized the brand, we continued to push the identity by creating a system of graphics, type, photography treatments, and layouts that could complement the firm's existing work, but even more importantly point to a newer, more expressive design direction for the firm to embrace.


Print and Collateral

umpqua bank




Umpqua bank has stores and not branches. They drive the customer experience to be one of warmth, an encourage lingering. Free coffee is a big part of that experience. Below is an update to the coffee collateral and templated in-store ads. All designs under the direction of Kate Zimmerman.





Bits and bobs of designs, logos, and half-cocked ideas from over the years.

Paper Bag Mockup02.jpg