Columbia River Gorge


Typical PNW

Fall colors were in peak, so I headed out to my favorite place, the Columbia River Gorge. Within thirty minutes of leaving my home, I'm surrounded by majesty. The weather was chilly, damp, drizzly and cloudy. Perfection.







 I left home without a rigid plan. I wanted to let the weather dictate where I headed and when I stopped. I also wanted to be sure to make sure I ended up somewhere I hadn't been before. This manifested itself as a stop and climb at Mitchell Point, just west of Hood River.





The only downside to cloud cover is come sunset. No chance for special light, no remarkable colors. Still, something about the cloud cover and the moisture in the air created a very blue layer of moisture hanging low in the valley. The hike had allowed me to rise above the top of it.





Next morning, I headed out again. The clouds were thick at home, but began to thin as I drove east and as the sun began to rise above the horizon. I went here and there. Some places I had been before—Spirit Falls, Rowena Crest—but they don't grow old, and you can imagine why.





Sometimes I retake photos. On my first visit to Oregon I was shooting exclusively with my iPhone. I came across this garage door (with similar lighting) and loved it. Today I was driving by and decided to hop out of the car and make a new version.